Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We are Green!

Passionate about nature and wildlife, one of the studio's resolutions for 2009 was to do everything we can to preserve the beauty of our planet.

As Cubmaster of a Cub Scout Pack (for 4 years now!), I teach boys starting at age 6 ways to keep our planet green, recycle, conserve energy and we go on outings to pick-up trash, plant flowers and learn about nature and wildlife. We discovered that even though photography is a high-tech field, there ARE ways that our studio can be eco-friendly and not cause harm our planet or animals when we are on photo shoots, processing our images and operating our studio...

We have been accepted for membership to Greener Photography! Greener Photography is a non-profit organization for photographers and suppliers dedicated to conserving the Earth's resources and keeping our planet green. Photography is an art form that allows each of us to interpret the world around us. The nature of our tools and traditional materials makes photography a high-tech field; it is an energy-intensive activity. We can make our high-tech field more green by implementing environmentally-friendly practices, and encouraging suppliers to do the same.

Please visit our website ( to see how we've implemented practices to leave less of a "carbon footprint" on Earth, or visit Greener Photography ( for more information on how you can help conserve energy and our resources.

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