Friday, February 27, 2009

A Class Assignment

Hello blog followers!

Most of you know I have a ten year old son. I have noticed not only with my son, but with my clients' children also, for some reason, once they reach the age of eight, they become extremely camera shy and do everything they can to hide from the lens. Sometimes if a photographer is quick enough, they can catch them in between hiding and giggling - it almost becomes a sort of hide-and-seek game to the children AND the photographer, so we have to play along in order to get that perfect shot. If you are really lucky you can bribe them with candy or cookies (make sure its okay with their parents!) or in my case, a trip to Pizza Hut sealed the deal. It also helps to talk to them about their favorite animal, if they have a pet at home, or hobbies that they have. Video games are ALWAYS an instant ice breaker!

In a photography class that I just finished up, our assignment was to pick a subject and photograph it at fifteen different angles. My husband chose a rusty padlock that he found buried outside in the mud. Of course I chose my son as my subject, and he actually sat in the grass in our backyard and let me take dozens of pictures of him. This is my favorite picture, purely for his expression (so serious!) and the ocean of blue in his eyes.

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