Friday, April 16, 2010

Farm Buddies Limited Edition Sessions!

I wanted to take a minute to share some of my favorite images from our Farm Buddies Limited Edition sessions last weekend! The theme was Farm Buddies, with realistic fuzzy chicks, a realistic rooster and a live baby goat! The children dressed in overalls and were barefoot. Buffalo Creek Farm provided us the sweetest little baby goat for the sessions named David, who was VERY cooperative! The children absolutely LOVED David, and David loved my husband! Seriously, he followed my husband around and CRIED (a goat cry sounds almost exactly like a baby's cry) when my husband would get out of his sight! It was too cute! Almost makes me want to get a pet goat :-)

The first shot of the day with David...I call this one "Kid meets Kid"...not sure who was more shocked in this picture, David the goat or Little "C"! They just stared at each other for a couple minutes!

And yes, David got his own photo session...

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