Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tips on Choosing a Wedding Photographer { Winston Salem Wedding Photography }

Hi Guys! I wanted to blog a bit about something I came across while playing with my keywords in Google Adwords.

I was tweaking my keywords (which are the words people enter into the search box on Google's main page to find things they are looking for), and was looking to see some of the recent searches people had entered when searching for local wedding photographers and BANG! I saw something that shocked me!

Someone had searched "$200.00 Wedding Photographer in Winston Salem"!

This inspired me to blog on the subject for a bit and give the future brides out there some tips on choosing their wedding photographer.

1. Be Picky! It is OKAY to be picky when you are choosing your photographer! Actually, choose several and "interview" them or consult with them to make sure that you are compatible. I always try to get to know my clients and make sure our personalities are compatible. During your consult, your photographer should also ask questions and get all of your wedding information from you. Ask for references from past weddings they have shot, and follow-up on them! Most past clients will be happy to give their HONEST opinion of their experience with the photographer - good OR bad.

2. Their Work. View your photographer's online portfolio and ask to see a hard copy of their portfolio when you meet in person. They should have no issues with showing you a hard copy. Be sure that you like your photographer's style - if you don't, then keep looking for a photographer whose style you DO like. This is the photographer's ONE CHANCE to capture your memories and if their style and your style conflict, then you are going to be stuck with a lot of images that won't represent you or your special day. Make sure your photographer will capture images of your dress, your bouquet, your shoes, ALL the details that you have poured your heart into over the past year of planning.

3. Price. I can't stress this enough. PLEASE DON'T choose your photographer SOLELY on the price of their services. I have seen TOO many horror photos and heard too many stories about how people have shopped by price and got exactly what they paid for. I understand that prices vary based on location of the studio, but $200.00 for a full day of photography, including a high-resolution CD of images? Keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

4. Products. Ask to see samples of your photographer's products, albums, canvases or anything else that you are interested in purchasing. They should be happy to show them to you and explain all of the options to you. Ask which lab they outsource to, and make sure it's a professional lab. If they are sending your images to a consumer lab or drugstore, the quality will suffer, and you will not be happy with the final result. Your photographer should offer complete image finishing, not just shoot-and-burn un-edited images straight out of the camera to a CD for you.

5. Contract. This is the biggie! Don't be afraid to sign a contract with the photographer you choose. Be afraid NOT to! The contract binds both of you to the transaction, so you can feel relieved and not have to worry about them showing up on your wedding day.

In conclusion, please find a photographer whose work you LOVE, even if you have to pay more for them. Your wedding photography is truly an investment, and you have to solely rely on this person to capture your memories of the day.

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