Thursday, May 31, 2012

LEMONADE MINIS! { Triad Children's Photographer }

Our cutest, colorful-est, fun-est, yummy-est Minis EVER!
We had two UBER cute models for our Lemonade Mini trial session - and it was fabulous!  The two little lovlies below spent the morning at our studio having lemonade and cooling off in the shade.  They had a blast, we had a blast, and the shots are so fun and colorful!  We'll be announcing the date of our Lemonade Minis soon, so be sure to bookmark our blog, or like us on Facebook to get first dibs on our limited spots minis.

Yes, I know this is a loooong sneak peek post, but I had to share the cuteness, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy :-)

My amazing husband created this adorable lemonade stand from totally recycled materials and it was SO easy!  He used old canvas frames (photos removed) that used to be displayed in our studio - a 20x30 for the top, and two 20x20s for each side, secured with brackets and wood screws.  Then we picked through tons of free pallets* (see note at bottom of post for safety!) to find the ones with the gray, weathered look that I was going for, and our buddies at Buffalo Creek Farm & Creamery gave us a big plank of recycled wood for the top, which also had the weathered look (thanks, guys!).  Our fun, colorful flag buntings and handmade aprons were created by the talented Erin Thompson at Dinner Time Chimes.

I love this first shot.  E was playing shy!

Winston Salem Childrens Photographer - Fantasy Photography, LLC

Triad Childrens Photography by Fantasy Photography, LLC

T has the most amazing eyes!  And he's such a little flirt :-)

Winston Salem Childrens Photography by Fantasy Photography,LLC

Triad Childrens Photographers - Fantasy Photography in Winston Salem NC

Triad Childrens Photographer | Winston Salem Family Photographers | Fantasy Photography, LLC

E showing us the money she'd collected...

Winston Salem Child Photographers - Fantasy Photography, LLC

Sooo yummy!  Lemonade is a Southern tradition!

Triad Child Photographers | Fantasy Photography, LLC

Again with those eyes, T!

Triad Childrens Photographers in Winston Salem - Fantasy Photography, LLC


Child Photographers in the Triad - Winston Salem Fantasy Photography

I had to share this series...

Clemmons Childrens Photographer - Fantasy Photography, LLC

Childrens Photography in Winston Salem - Triad - Fantasy Photography, LLC

Fantasy Photography, LLC in Winston Salem Triad Childrens Photographer

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*Pallets are free and easy to find, but *FYI - be careful when picking them.  Most pallets have been treated for insects and pests, and will have a code on them.  Look for a stamp - HT means they have been heat treated, and those are safe to use, but some older pallets may be stamped with MB.  Please avoid MB, which means they have been treated with methyl bromide, which can be dangerous for children. 

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