Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesday { white balance quick trick! }

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 Another post in a fun, weekly series that we hope to keep rolling!  Each Tuesday we'll post a new quick business tip for prop making, marketing, lighting or some other tidbit that might help you out!  Even if you're not a photographer, you might still find something to apply to your field of business that may save you time or money :)

This week's quick tip:

An easy White Balance trick!

If you're not ready to shoot in manual mode and use a specific temperature setting to deal with your white balance, grab some index cards!  Set your white balance to "Auto" and place an index card next to your subject.  Once you open your RAW file, if your camera didn't get the white balance correct, you can adjust it by using the index card as your white point.

Easy peasy!

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