Tuesday, April 7, 2015

{ Quick Tip Tuesday } think about re-purposing!

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 Another post in a fun, weekly series that we hope to keep rolling!  Each Tuesday we'll post a new quick business tip for prop making, marketing, lighting or some other tidbit that might help you out!  Even if you're not a photographer, you might still find something to apply to your field of business that may save you time or money :)

This week's quick tip:

Buy things that have more than one purpose!

We recently promoted and shot a day of styled mini sessions featuring a live baby goat and a farm theme.  Normally, this theme is shot outdoors at our studio but the weather was not conducive to happy children the day of shooting.  We had damp, chilly weather and over 25 mph winds!  This gave me the opportunity to go ALL OUT and bring the farm INDOORS and build a barn interior set.  When shopping for the set, I kept in mind things that I could use for my set, and then repurpose or use for personal use after the sessions.  NO WAY would I spend $700 on a backdrop to use for one day of sessions, or $150 on props that won't ever come out again.

I have 6 spoiled backyard hens, so buying a couple of bags of feed that could be used in my set will be fed to them over the next month or so.  A couple bales of hay in my set will be used as mulch in my vegetable garden and bedding in my chicken coop.  The fresh potted herbs will be planted in my herb spiral and added to yummy dinners that we cook!

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