Friday, February 5, 2010


Okay, so I love snow. But this is getting to be rediculous! This is the worst winter we have had in 20 years! Seriously, I can't remember having this many snow storms in one winter since I was like 6 or 7! The schools here were out 4 of 5 days this week and the ONE DAY that they actually went in was a two-hour delay! be a kid again and experience the excitement when you see your school pop up while your parents are watching the news and see that it's canceled. I miss those days!

I am soooo excited about Warm Hearts for Wagging Tails, but our clients' safety is more important to us so we have devised a "Snow Plan" for our event.

**PET SESSIONS SNOW PLAN** We will be moving Warm Hearts for Wagging Tails to Valentine's Day - 2/14 (for Saturday's appointments & Monday 2/15 for Sunday's appointments). Your appointment will still be at the same time as you had previously scheduled. If you can't make these two days CALL US and we can work you in some other time between now and then!

On a lighter note...**We will still be in the studio this weekend and our road is pretty clear (we are on a main highway), so if you want to venture out, come on :-)**

And we do have a couple sessions left, so if you couldn't make it this weekend, or you didn't know about it until now, you can still get in! CALL US ASAP!

***UPDATE*** We do have several people coming this weekend anyway, so that opens up more slots for next weekend! Call us to lend a helping paw and get some gorgeous images of your favorite fuzzy friend :-)

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