Monday, August 1, 2011

Funniest things overheard at Carolina Shinefest + Recap!

It's always fun to go to festivals and shows to display our work. We hear all sorts of comments about the images that we have with us, as well as comments on our tutus and other goodies that we have under our tent. Sometimes they are directly to us, sometimes people say them as they're passing by. I laughed A LOT this weekend, dispite the nasty heat, and I wanted to share a couple of the funniest things overheard at our tent :)

-Husband says to wife, "Want me to buy you a tutu?"
Wife retorts, "Only if you'll wear it when we get home."

-Woman walks by our tent with friend and says about me, "I though she was a mannequin."

-Six different people passing by the tent talking about a newborn image, "That photo was staged. I've never seen a baby do that."

-Couple walking by the tent and looking at hair flowers, girl says to guy, "Your ex would love those."

-Husband says to wife, "Let's go. I ain't sweatin' up my new hat or I'll have to throw it away."

-Guy shopping at t-shirt tent beside us, "Got any tanks left?"
Vendor answers, "No. Just t-shirts."
Guy says, "That's okay. I have scissors at home."

This was our first festival that we've ever done in July. Overall it was a good time. Extremely HOT on Saturday - 99 degrees and humid. Even with us constantly chugging water, we both had signs of dehydration before the end of the day - and we were so sore and worn out when we woke up on Sunday to get ready. Everyone just looked SO hot - and not in a good way, lol - flushed, rosy cheeks, sweaty, pale. Quiet. Everyone tried to take cover in the shade from the buildings downtown. Around 2pm, the sky clouded over and we had a 15 minute storm, which cooled it off at least 15 degrees. When the rain stopped, the atmosphere totally changed. People were gathering in the streets talking and laughing. Laughter. You could just hear laughter. Which meant that people were having fun! Kids were playing and giggling. It was crazy. We had about an hour of the cooler weather before the sun came back out and then it was nasty humid. Sunday was a lot cooler. The high was 84 degrees, but around 4pm, it rained. And rained. And rained. As hot as it was, I didn't mind getting caught in the rain. I had prepared for it, so I just covered all my prints and canvases, pulled everything to the middle of the tent, and hung out (with a yummy sweet tea from Fuzzy's that was set-up across from us). So the festival was cut short by about an hour. Overall, the crowd was huge (thousands!) and we met lots of wonderful people, booked several sessions, got to see some of our clients, and almost sold out of hair flowers completely! That means we'll be making a run to Hobby Lobby this week so I can re-stock the studio and stock up for our next festival in a couple weeks :)

I can't wait to do it again. I also overheard that it may possibly be moved to May or September (YAY!) next year.

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